Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lunchtime Antics

Bennet was a chatterbox today. Singing and talking up a storm. The video is called "I'm so cool!" This is such a fun age. My mom tries so hard to figure out what she's saying. We just pretend to know and respond however we feel like :)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Much needed pampering

My mother-in-law is a life saver. Tonight she took me out for some much needed pampering. A much appreciated pedicure for my skanky neglected toes and dinner for my still present appetite. It's amazing what a night out can do for my attitude.

Let the bliss begin.
Barb got a fill. She looks so serious. She'll kill me when she sees this photo.

The color I picked was called "More Me Time". Seemed appropriate. It was either that or "I Don't Do Dishes" How cool would it be to name nail polish colors? I just had to get the cute little flowers on my toes. I bet my O/B and nurses will notice during labor :) Just excuse the swollen summertime feet.
We went out to dinner afterwards and I stuffed myself silly. Nada Colada and Peach Cobbler? Just wheel me out like the blueberry girl Veruca Salt A huge thank you for the wonderful evening out. It was just what the Dr. ordered as we start the countdown to baby.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bond Falls

We spent a wonderful weekend at the cabin. On Saturday we made the quick jaunt through Watersmeet into the Eastern Time Zone of Michigan to see Bond Falls. I thought it was pretty cool to go across time zones. Easily amused.

I can't believe that it took me 6 years to visit Bond Falls since it is so close. It was amazing. Just this beautiful waterfall tucked away in the middle of nowhere. The sun was shining and it was all pretty magical. I can't wait to come back in the winter when it's snowy and frozen.

I love this photo of Bennet running. I have a little obsession with her running. I think it just reminds me of that carefree, no worries childhood time.

She did not want to be held. Go figure.

Walking down to the water.

If there's water she has to be in it.

Some of the trees are already changing colors up north. We saw quite a few splashes of red and deep orange.
We stopped at the Dari-Maid for ice cream treats on our way home. Rootbeer floats (De-lish!) for Nick and me and a kiddie cone for B.

Hair in the eyes, ice cream on her face- it must be summer!We went to Bent's Camp for dinner. Look at those fluffy clouds. Makes me want to jump on them.
Crusin' with Dad before dinner.

Monday, August 20, 2007

August Weekend

I have a bunch of photos from our weekend. Just a pretty regular weekend, but of course I have photos. As Nick says "It's been 5 minutes- time for a photo"

Saturday we were on our way to the Farmers Market and breakfast at the Mint when Grandma Trunnell called and said she was on her way for a visit. Woo hoo! Grandma.

Photos from the Farmer's Market and breakfast.
Bennet LOVES peaches. Calls them 'apples' (all fruit is 'apples' and anything round is a 'ball') but eats them down to the pit in no time flat!

We are officially regulars at the Mint. The wait staff just love Bennet and play fight over who she likes better. I overheard one say "I've known her since she was an infant" "Oh Kathy- did you see who is here. Look at all her hair." We've been going about once a week since she was really little. Our favorite place for food.
Flirting with athy at the Mint Cafe.

Grandma pretty much pushed Nick and I out the door, so we snuck out to a matinee and saw "Superbad". It was raunchy, funny, over-the-top and on more than one occasion I thought I was going to wet my pants from laughter. NOT a kids movie- but good gracious - it was funny.

Grandma got some fun photos of Bennet and I reading. This is a new development within the last week or so. She NEVER came to me before so I'm relishing in it!

Sunday we got LegLamp's crib all set up and the nursery pretty much put together. It was a bit surreal to walk by and see a new crib in the room. Won't be long now! I know most of you have seen the mural we painted before we had Bennet. But I'm still so proud of it that I'm showing it off again.
Nursery Photos.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Best $1 Ever Spent

Nick was out of town at a wedding with a friend, so Bennet and I had a little girls weekend together. Sunday the weather was finally mild enough where I was willing to spend more than 10 minutes outside. We ventured over to the Splash Pad at Marathon Park. For 50 cents each we could splash, run and get wet all we wanted. Let me tell you- the best $1 ever spent. I could barely get Bennet's clothes off fast enough- she just wanted to PLAY! She's just fearless.

Blowing kisses goodbye- for now.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Cabin Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend up north. I swear nothing revitalizes and refreshes me like the cabin. Something about it shakes the crabbies right out of me. Nick and I found ourselves talking alot about next summer this weekend. Next summer Bennet will be 2 1/2 and LegLamp could/would be crawling already. It's starting to become a reality that we won't be 3 for much longer.

Bennet was enthralled by the deer chasing them around calling them 'Puppy Ruff Ruff'
The leaf pile provided plenty of entertainment.

Playing guitar with Dad and trying to sing.
I'm always complaining that there aren't many photos of Miss B and I together. This is the best we got :)
Helping Dad fish. They didn't catch anything this time. But it's only a matter of time.