Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer of Scout Chapter 2

Scout's Summer List  

As of 7/7/13
1. Read lots of books. (When asked how many 'lots' was she responded, "Like 1000")
2. Learn how to ride a two-wheeler.
3. Learn how to tie her shoes.
4. Catch the ice cream man. 
5. Learn how to open a cat of Cat food on her own.
6. Loose a tooth.
7. Catch a fish.

3. Learn how to tie her shoes
Last week she learned how to tie her shoes in 5 minutes flat. CHECK!
5. Learn how to open a cat of Cat food on her own.  CHECK! Ready for 1st grade now!
7. Catch a fish.  CHECK! She caught 4 while on vacation at G&G Trunnell's cabin.

While on vacation she added a couple things to her list too.

8. Conquer her fear of spiders. She walked into the cabin and said, "That's it! I'm going to do it!" To which I replied, "Do what Scoutie?" She grabbed a tissue and responded, "I'm going to conquer my fear and just kill that spider". And she did. And we both were proud.

9. Tube behind the boat. She was cautious at first. She wasn't quite sure she wanted to go. But by the end she was giving the "thumbs up" sign for Grandpa to go faster. When she was done she said, "That is going on my list EVERY summer!

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