Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mystery Adventure Saturday

Last Saturday we found ourselves without any firm commitments. A wide open day to do whatever we wanted. We decided to load up the car for an impromptu trip head to the cabin. Construction is still in full swing on the new cabin so we couldn't make a weekend of it. But we could still spend the day on the lake fishing, swimming and tubing.  Plus we were all anxious to see the new place. 

We were loaded and ready to go at 7:15 a.m. ROCKSTARS. Barely get going and turn around to get Bennet's fishing tackle. Strike 1. 

Stop for gas, snacks and drivethru breakfast and realize that we left the boat battery at home. Turn around again to get that. Strike 2. 

Finally on the road. 

We got to the cabin and realized that both sets of Boat House keys were back in Wausau. We only brought 1 fishing pole with us. Oh well- we'll make do. Strike 3. 

Get the pontoon prepped for a day on the lake. As I'm sitting there I think to myself, "Hundred bucks says the life jackets are in the Boat House too." I check under the seats. Yep. No lifejackets. Can't cruise the chain without them. WE'RE OUT! Not today. . . 

Because it was still fun .At this point we just kind of laughed. We didn't have concrete plans. Nothing was ruined. We were just seeing where the day took us. Mystery Adventure Saturday. 

We gave the kids 2 options. Option 1: Cut off the locks and stick with the original plan or Option 2: Swim a little bit, pack up and go to Wildwood Wildlife Park in Minocqua and perhaps stop at Aunt Jenny & Uncle Tony's cabin on the way home . They chose Option 2. 

On the way to Wildwood Wildlife Park. All four kids asleep at the same time. Miracle. 

New to the park since our last visit (summer 2011) were 2 baby giraffes and a zebra. Scout LOVES zebras so she was over the moon.  And Bennet saw owls which made her literally squeal. 

This giraffe is the same age as Spenser. Ellie thought I was soooo silly when I told her we should bring him home with us. 

Then it was off to Tony & Jenny's cabin. The kids hung out with their cousin Morgan and their pups Harley and Spenser. They swam some more. We drank Bloody Mary's and Nick grilled some bbq chicken. Bennet took a ride with Tony on the paddle board. 

It was one of those days that was imperfectly perfect. We all went with the flow. The kids got along.  Spenser was a perfect 9 month old. The 6 of us were just happy being together. I guess sometimes you just need to lower expectations and let the day take you where it will. Take those bumps in the road and spin them to your advantage. You never know- you may end up with the perfect summer day. 

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